Wasabi Chi Favorites

lunch menU / DINNER MENU


Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These delicious bites are both flavorful and refreshing. Diced chicken, long beans, bell peppers, jicama and thai spicy hoisin sauce come together for a tasty appetizer to get you ready for more.


Grand Marnier Jumbo Shrimp

This dish is a Wasabi Chi fan favorite. Crispy jumbo shrimp is served with honeyed walnuts and drizzled in a rich, creamy sauce leaving you feeling full and satisfied.



Douglas King Roll

Named after our location in Des Moines, the Douglas King roll is created by hand from crispy soft shell crab, cream cheese, jalapeño and basil, topped with spicy tuna, tobiko and yuzu miso sauce.


Crème Brûlée

You don't have to travel far to taste a crème brûlée as delicious as the ones in France. This rich dessert will be a surprising and memorable end to your meal.