Wasabi Waukee Menus



Lemongrass Coconut Soup

Allow us to introduce this tasty soup to start your meal. Fresh veggies, creamy coconut milk and thai herbs make this warm favorite as pleasing to the stomach as it is to the eye.


Marilyn Monroll

Composed of spicy tuna, spicy salmon and avocado, this roll is a Wasabi favorite that dates back to Wasabi Chi. Better yet – it's topped with fresh seared white tuna and garlic sambal sauce.



Seared Scallops

It's always hard resisting sushi, but these flavorful scallops with grilled zucchini and lemongrass miso butter glaze make it a little easier.


Chirasi Dinner

If sashimi is what you're looking for, this meal will leave you feeling happy and satisfied. With the Chirasi Dinner, you'll enjoy fifteen high-quality, perfectly-cut pieces of sashimi over seasoned sushi rice.